Employment Opportunities

Assistant Instructors

To implement the missions and the goals of this school through the teachings of martial arts

We are currently looking for people who enjoy working with children and are willing to learn basic blocks, kicks, and punches.

  • Must have a desire to work with children of all ages
  • Must have the ability to learn basic karate techniques
  • Must be willing to lead exercises
  • Must be willing to work with children that need discipline
  • Must be willing to provide a learning, fun, safe, environment
  • Must be be at least 16 years or older
  • Must have an outgoing personality with the ability to effectively communicate, inspire and motivate
  • Must be energetic, flexible, disciplined and proactive

Reports to:

Chief instructor or School owners/Manager

Duties and Responsibilities

Guides students and prospective students through the various levels of curriculum introductory, group and private lessons. Maintains high level of enthusiasm and positive reinforcement in the classroom.

Solicits prospective students both inside and outside school by distributing guest passes, asking for referrals and using other prospecting techniques approved by school, records prospect information on prospect cards and files cards in an orderly systems;

Assists Admissions Director in following up on all prospects with effective telephone and mail contact to help them join.

Assists Admissions Director in upgrading existing students to memberships of greater value by adding family members and coveting Trail memberships to Confidence Course membership, conducts progress Checks for prospective Leadership Course or Black Black memberships

Creates Desire for all students to attain Black Belt levels

Assists in keeping students and prospective students motivated throughout their lessons. Encourages students to maintain regular class attendance and regular practice at home. Knows all students by first name.

Has thorough understanding of criteria for student belt examinations, implements school requirements, fills out all necessary paperwork, meets daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly, instructing goals.

Prepares for, attends and participates in Staff Meetings, successfully masters concepts for effective Martial Arts instruction, continues to improve instructing techniques through additional training, role playing.